Fear Hacking Journal

Fear Hacking Journal

The last journal that you will need:
Top Quality Fear Hacking Journal made with thick recycled paper to identify what is holding you back and plan your way to life on the other side of fear.

Journal Reinvented.
Fear Hacking Journal is the world’s only planning journal designed using scientific strategies to identify your fears, increase productivity and accomplish your goals. The number one obstacle to success is fear. It is a powerful coping mechanism but it is also the reason we refuse to experience new things. The Fear Hacking journal will help you to shift your focus on what can happen if you weren’t afraid. You will be able to determine what has been holding you back and your fears will become your fuel.

Principles behind the fear hacking journal:
1) Negative visualization(Fear Hacking)
2) Pareto 80-20 principle
3) Prioritization / Time Management (4 Quadrants)
4) Goal setting
5) Practicing Gratitude
6) Power of Habits
7) Power of Asking the right questions
8) Essentialism
9) Regular Self-Assessment
10) Mindfulness
11) Power of Journaling

3 basic steps:

Step 1: 80-20 Analysis – Fill out the 80-20 analysis questionnaire to identify what you should focus on or eliminate.
Step 2: Identify and hack your fears – Simple questions will guide you to list your fears and do a cost benefit analysis. You will evaluate the impact and the consequences of doing the things that you are afraid of.
Step 3: Goal Setting and assessment – Focusing on what was identified in steps 1 & 2 – set your goals and asses your performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In other words, you focus your attention efficiently on what matters to you.
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